With the support of our Pastoral Visitors

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When we follow Jesus in his Way of Life he gives us a new beginning as members of God's worldwide family, the Church.

As members of God's family, we care for each other through our Pastoral Visitors (who also have their own Visitor).

It is not always easy to live and serve as God's people in his world. We all need support and encouragement, especially when we are new to the Christian life and at times of personal and family difficulty.

Pastoral Visitors are Trinity members chosen for their caring concern. They each keep in touch with a small number of those who worship with us. As friends they listen, sharing in joys and sorrows, encourage and pray. They are required to maintain confidentiality.

We also pray for each other, our community and the wider world.
Sunday service includes Prayers for Others (intercessions).
We have a
Prayer Request team and a monthly Churches Praying Together leaflet.


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