Why it's unusual

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As a modern residential development, it has a large village green. (Is it the UK's largest modern village green?)

One which is 'part of the 100 acres (about a quarter of the total site of 380 acres) given over to trees and green spaces. Dotted around this common and the belts of trees separating housing areas are playgrounds for small children and ball parks for older ones.'
August 1994 Article by Anne Spackman in The Independent.

Click to read more: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/house-and-home/property-a-modern-village-in-the-making-when-the-planners-conceived-thorpe-marriott-in-norfolk-they-wanted-its-homes-to-have-a-heart-anne-spackman-assesses-the-result-1381818.html

P.S. Is this web address a record for length?

Thorpe Marriott has come a long way since this early article. Read the bit about the 'dynamic woman minister at the church' helping in 'bringing the community together' - which Trinity church congregation and this site seek to continue.




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