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The New Testament: Why is Jesus good news?

Jesus is the world's true King!

Firm footing amidst half-truth and harsh reality.

He lived, died, was raised by God and lives today!

News: heard, tested, trusted, lived out world wide.


Jesus & the Kingdom


People of the Kingdom Part 1 of 2


People of the Kingdom Part 2 of 2


The Revelation


LIFEstory introduces Tim Mackie & Jon Collins and The Bible Project team.

They use their learning and artistry to create non-pushy videos to show how the Bible is trust worthy and its inspiring story personal and transforming.

Be patient with their accent! Enjoy their warmth, humour and skill in letting the Bible's story bring glad new meaning to our life story!

Suspicious of the Bible or religion? Shaun McDowell may help.

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