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In the beginning

In the Beginning:

The first five books of the Jewish Bible called the:

Pentateuch or Torah


Creation and Fall

Genesis 1-11

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The Covenant with Abraham

Genesis 12-50

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** The Covenants


The Exodus from Egypt

Exodus 1-18

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** Holiness


The Covenant at Mt. Sinai (Part 1)

Exodus 19-40 (Skim 35-40)

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** Heaven+Earth


The Covenant at Mt. Sinai (Part 2)


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** Atonement

** Holiness


The Wilderness Years

Numbers (Skim 7)

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** Holiness



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** The Law

Then to the Promised Land


See and grow with the Psalms

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Book 1 1-41 1-41
Book 2 41-72 41-72
Book 3 73-89 73-89
Book 4 90-106 90-106
Book 5 107-150 107-150

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