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Thorpe Marriott Life

Thorpe Marriott' shares the life of Drayton and Taverham because it's built across the parish boundary between them.

Sign in Thorpe Marriott where Pendlesham Rise crosses Marriott's Way joining Drayton and Taverham.                       

This joining of Drayton and Taverham is due to past planning decisions (see below) allowing development across the joint parish boundary. A boundary which seems to wander aimlessly through the community of Thorpe Marriott. This can cause a 'post code' identity crisis where one side of a street is in Drayton the other in Taverham. While not itself a parish, this attractive, lively village has a large green, church, village hall, post office, pub, shops and most importantly a growing community spirit and identity. Does this make Thorpe Marriott a 'virtual' village?

There is nothing 'virtual' about the 'commonwealth' of community groups and resources Thorpe Marriott, Drayton and Taverham share, support and enjoy between them.

A commonwealth of what matters for enriching life together in body, mind and spirit. Matters that mattered in Drayton and Taverham going back centuries, and no less so for young Thorpe Marriott, built during the late 1980's and early 1990's.

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