LIFEstory and The Bible Project

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LIFEstory: Enjoy the Bible - alone: even more with others.

Hear what God wants to share with us.

LIFEstory lets you:

See, Hear or Read & Hear each book of the Bible 

and quickly grasp Key Themes running from start to finish.

LIFEstory builds on the exciting work of:

Tim Mackie & Jon Collins of The Bible Project in Portland, Oregon USA.

Be patient with Tim and Jon's accent! Enjoy their warmth, honesty, humour and skill in releasing the power of the Bible's story for our generation!

The learning and skill in their lively short videos show how the people in each book of the Bible bring wise and relevant News to us and our world.

And the voice of David Suchet in our 'Hear' and 'Read & Hear' relationship with the Bible makes it live - with no stumbling over strange names!

Part 1: The Bible Jesus learnt


Part 2: Why is Jesus good news?


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