LIFEstory: What's it all about?

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The Bible's help and meaning for life.

The Bible is often called 'the Good Book'. God's long story bringing us his way of life. The good life via the good book.

It offers to each of us, God's faith in us and his creation. His wisdom and love to guide, heal and unite us.  Our world its peoples and nature itself, need God's vision and victory to overcome fear and recover life's true purpose.

But we need to hear, read and discuss what the book says!

LIFEstory is a tool to enjoy exploring the Bible -

alone and together

LIFEstory lets you:

See, Hear or Read & Hear each book of the Bible 

and quickly grasp Key Themes running from start to finish.


The Bible has two parts.

Part 1: The Old Testament.

1. The Bible Jesus knew and used.

Part 2: The New Testament.

2: Why is Jesus - good news?


Here is more background about the Bibles used by Christians today.

Understanding God's story enables us to understand more of our own. Alone, together, in worship, his words change the direction and meaning of our life-story. Words sharing God's vision for people, communities and nations.

(Got doubts about or reject the Bible? Shaun McDowell may help. Have fun).

Download: a Poster of each video to collect, study, print and ponder.

LIFEstory and The Bible Project

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