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LIFEstory: Enjoy the Bible: alone & with others

Gain understanding wisdom & strength

LIFEstory builds on the The Bible Project (TBP), led by Tim Mackie & Jon Collins in Portland, Oregon USA.

TBP's work lets you SEE short, helpful, videos about each book of the Bible. Enjoy honesty, humour and skill letting the Bible tell its story and meaning in its own words!  A fresh way to know Jesus and how to follow him.

LIFEstory from our site lets you Hear or Read & Hear the Bible's words.  The actor David Suchet reads its long story that grows in meaning.  No worry over names! 

Like our life-story the Bible's LIFEstory is unique.  The one creator God, wants to share His love with us and his creation.  But He has to free us from the effects of ignoring his love.

How He did it and still does; is what the Bible's LIFEstory is about.  It's why we invite you to SeeHear, Read & Hear how the Bible changes life-stories for good.  Come and:

Meet the Bible  The Book and its books.



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