A Teenager's Prayer

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Jesus, I don't pray much, perhaps, but now I'm needing to talk to you, about me.

Jesus, I'm confused. I sometimes really don't know who I am.

Some of my relationships aren't working out.

I'm trying to figure out what kind of lifestyle I'm to follow and there are so many alternatives.

Life is pretty difficult. I can't understand my parents sometimes, school is hard, friends come and go, I don't like myself very much, and I'm scared about the future. I know unless I work hard I won't make it, but it seems a long grind.

I want to be independent, but I also want to respect my parents and I want my parents to respect me. If I make mistakes help me learn from them, and if my parents are critical of some things, help me remember they're mainly trying to protect me and warn me because they care about me.

I don't know very much about how to be a Christian, but I want to learn more. I want my questions answered. There are big moral issues - smoking, drinking, drugs, sex - and I'm torn between finding the truth, and having a good time and keeping my friends. If something's right, I want to do that, rather than wearing a mask and being a phony just to be popular.

If I really choose to follow you, it's going to be hard at school. Other kids don't easily accept people who are different.

Jesus, when it's tough, help me make a stand, see me through another day.

I give my life to you: take me as I am, and make me into a worthwhile person. Forgive me for living without you. You have a great plan for my life - help me to find it. I want to make a difference in the world, and when I die, help me to have lived well.


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